Live Christmas Tree Care

I bought a live pine tree. Now what do I do? We’re experts at this tree stuff. Here are a few things we’ve picked up over the years.

  1. TREE BAG. I repeat. T R E E B A G. You’re asking yourself, “Why do I need to spend money on a giant trash bag? I’ll have a tree skirt.” Before you go any further, once you’ve laid out where you’ll be putting the tree, put a tree bag underneath. Once the holidays are over, you’ll be able to remove the tree from your home without having to vacuum every nook and cranny to rid yourself of pine needles.
  2. The Magic Bucket O’ Warm Water. As soon as you bring your tree home, put it in a bucket of warm water at least 6-8″ deep. Be sure it maintains that water level and is replenished with warm water until it’s in the tree stand.
  3. Fresh Cut. If you cut your own tree and it’s been more than 24 hours, be sure you make a fresh cut on the trunk before putting the tree in the stand. If you brought home a precut tree you must make a fresh cut before putting it in the stand. The bottom of your trunk will have produced & sealed sap which inhibits water uptake.
  4. Let me breathe. If I’ve been wrapped for more than 12 hours since you brought me home, let me stand in my tree stand, in my new home for 24 hours before decorating. The branches will fall out to their natural positioning which may change the weight distribution causing tilt.
  5. Have a drink with me? Your tree is going to drink A LOT of water. We recommend the first 72 hours, your tree be fed warm water exclusively. Want a thriving tree? Keep your tree trunk submerged in 2-3″ of water at all times. Don’t let it dry out! We don’t recommend additives. Pets tend to steal a sip or two.